Kiara & her doll 

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Many years ago, there was a girl named Kiara. She lived with her parents in a mansion in the countryside.

The family had many helpers. Most of them lived in the mansion along with their families.

Kiara had a pink doll, which she was very fond of. The doll had been gifted to her by her parents. The little girl used to take her doll everywhere. She would keep the doll by her side when she would go off to sleep at night. Everyone knew the two were inseparable.

One night, she kissed her parents goodnight and went to sleep. But when Kiara woke up in the morning, her doll was missing.

Illustration by: Neha Kumari

She searched for it everywhere, but in vain. Hearing her cry, Kiara’s parents and all the helpers came running to her room. All of them searched for the doll, but it was nowhere to be seen.

Kiara’s mother took her in her arms and tried to comfort her. “Do not worry. We will buy you a new one,” she said.

“No, I want my pink doll.” The little girl was inconsolable.

Her father knew how much Kiara loved the doll. He couldn’t see her cry. He then called all the helpers.

“It is clear that someone has stolen Kiara’s doll. There is no outsider in the mansion. So, it is clear that one of us has stolen it. I will give you an opportunity to speak the truth and return it. Otherwise, I will have to think of a way of punishing the guilty,” the father said.

There was a murmur among the helpers. No one knew who had stolen the doll.

Just then, the daughter of the chef stepped forward, her head bowed with guilt.

“It is me, father. I stole Kiara’s doll,” she said.

Kiara’s father went near the little girl and looked her in the eye.

“Why did you steal the doll?” he asked. “I do not have any toys,” the girl said, sobbing.

Ashamed of his daughter, the chef apologised for her mistake. He rebuked her for stealing the doll.

“We will return the doll immediately, Sir. I am sorry for what my daughter did.”

“Yes, what she did was wrong,” replied Kiara’s father.

“But she also showed the courage to speak the truth and we know why she did it. So, I forgive her.”

Kiara was happy when she got her doll back. Her father purchased a similar doll for the chef’s daughter. On getting her first toy, the chef’s daughter jumped with joy.

From that moment, the girls became friends and were always seen playing together.

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