Girl & Magical Lake

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In the good old days, there lived a young girl named Rosé, who possessed a beautiful soul and an appealing personality.

The village she lived in had a beautiful lake, which was said to possess magical properties.

Rosé would often hear people saying that any girl who jumps into the lake would get to marry the king’s son—the prince. Yet, no one ever attempted it, because they were afraid of jumping into the lake, which was small but deep.

Illustration by: Nuzhat Mushtaq

Rosé was brave, but the thought of jumping into the lake had never crossed her mind.

One day, her family convinced her to do it.

Without thinking much, Rosé left home and walked to the lake. She closed her eyes and jumped into the water.

Illustration by: Nuzhat Mushtaq

Soon, she found herself in a completely new world, where an old man stood by a poster, which read ‘Ms. Rosé’.

She walked up to the man and greeted him.

Good afternoon, Sir. I am Rosé,” she said.

The old man gave her a necklace.

Go back to your village in this magical boat,” he said, pointing to a boat before him.

The prince will be waiting there for you.”

He told Rosé to wear the necklace on seeing the prince.

Rosé laughed.

I know this is not going to work, but I have decided to do what you say, as you are an elderly man.”

Following the old man’s instructions, Rosé boarded the boat, which carried her back from the underwater world to her village.

The prince was there, waiting for her.

She immediately went up to him.

I want you to be my princess,” the prince told Rosé.

She was elated.

Everything she had heard from the people about the lake had come to be true.

She agreed to marry the prince. They lived happily ever after.

[The author,13, is a student of Class VII in Presentation Convent School. She lives at Srinagar, J&K. Her hobbies are clicking pictures and writing.]

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