Children are special, because they become what you make them. For them to grow into responsible citizens of tomorrow, we all tell them tales, wittingly or unwittingly, the ones lived by us or the ones created by us.

That is what motivated us to start ‘The Tale of a Day’ or ‘The Toad’, with just two things in mind: children and tales.

Our aim is to tell amusing and inspiring tales to children, for them to read themselves, or, when they are too young, to be read to them by their guardians.

While they may laugh at the mention of bunnies and fairies in our tales, we wish to quietly inculcate in them the universal and time-tested values of humanity. Future belongs to our children, and we will depend on the future they shall shape.

Our efforts can inculcate in our young readers the good habit of reading at an early age. Maybe for some of them our humble attempt proves good enough to help them discover or harness their own creativity.

We promise to write tales our young readers can relate to. Apart from our own, we offer to publish and promote the tales contributed by our readers.

We are ambitious to grow, which cannot happen without the support of our readers, young or old. We encourage you to criticise us, constructively, wherever you feel the need to, so that we go on improving. And wherever you feel the urge to appreciate our efforts, please do that as well.

Thank you.