Young Seagull

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A young seagull had just left her nest on the mountain by the sea. 

Before she took her first independent flight, her mother gave her a suggestion. 

“Never look for fish away from this mountain,” she said. 

But the young one had other ideas. 

“There is a world out there to explore. I will not stop at this mountain,” the young one thought. 

As the mother watched, the seagull readied for a flight towards the sea. She didn’t roam far. She caught the fish nearest to the mountain.

The next day, the seagull waited for her mother to get busy.

As she did, the seagull took a long flight. 

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Illustration by: Danish Mir

Soon, the seagull was away from the mountain, away from the sight. 

She looked down at something lying still on the surface of the sea. 

Only a part of it was visible. It was a fish. A big one. 

“Wow, that must be a big fish,” the seagull said to herself. 

“If my mother or anyone else travels away from the mountain, they would know what they have been missing out on. I must catch this one and show them.”

The gull took aim and dove. 

She opened her beak and the claws for the catch. 

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Illustration by: Danish Mir

At the last minute, however, the fish opened its mouth wide. The seagull fell straight into it. 

The bird was trapped. 

She tried her best to escape, but in vain. 

The fish dragged the bird to the depth of the sea. 

Before everything went dark, the bird realised why she had been asked not to go too far.

It was too late.


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