Liar Little Goat

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In a dense forest in Asia, a white goat lived with her three kids. The goat loved her kids and cared a lot for them.

One day, she went out to get some food for them. She returned with four delicious maize cobs and gave them to her eldest kid. She asked him to share it with his siblings.

He gave one each to his two siblings and kept two cobs for himself. When the mother goat asked about the fourth cob, he said: “I distributed it equally.”

The mother goat soon got to know that he had lied to her. “You must never lie,” she scolded him.

Illustration by: Neha Kumari

Though he apologised, he did not mend his ways.

Every time the goat got food for her kids, he would keep a bigger share for himself and lie to his mother.

Tired of his tricks, the goat gave up on him.

I have become such a good liar that my mother is no more able to call me out for my lies,” he told his siblings.

Believing that his mother didn’t know about his habit, the kid went on lying, thinking he could get away with it easily.

The little goat was one day walking through the forest when he spotted a pile of fruits near a wolf’s home. The sight was tempting.

The little goat moved forward, only to see the wolf in front of him.

I just want to help you,” he told the wolf.

How can a goat kid help a wolf?”

I see you have got the fruits of the wrong tree. I know the tree that has the best fruit. You let me eat these and I will get you the tastier ones in return.”

The wolf gave the fruits to the little goat. The little goat was happy that his lie had again worked for him. He rushed home to enjoy his prize.

The wolf is not going to find me. I tricked him,” he thought.

As the day ended, the wolf came sniffing to look for the little goat. He found the goat’s home and pounced upon the erring kid.

Where are my fruits? You thought you could lie to me and escape. Now, you will be my delicious meal,” he said.

Terrified, the kid pleaded. “Please, spare my life,” he said.

Listening to his tearful screams, the mother goat came out to see what was happening. Seeing her kid in danger, she pleaded to the wolf to spare her son’s life.

I will return your fruits, but please let him go,” the mother goat said.

The wolf’s heart melted seeing her plead. He forgave the kid and left.

I thought I was going to die. The wolf almost ate me,” said the little goat.

It is your habit of lying that almost got you killed. I had been waiting for the day you would learn your lesson,” she said. The little goat was sorry. He said, “I have learnt my lesson. Now, I understand the importance of your lessons.”


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