Eagles and Duckling

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An eagle had made her home on a tall poplar. Her chick had just hatched but he was keen to fly.

Mommy, I don’t have any friends. I want to go out and make some friends,” the baby eaglet told his mother.

The mother eagle didn’t pay the chick any heed. Her only concern was to keep him calm and safe.

You will fly one day. You will find many friends,” she would tell him.

Illustration by: Neha Kumari

One day, the eagle went out to get food for the eaglet. She flew over a grassland and saw ducks and ducklings swimming in a pond.

The eagle dived in and grasped a duckling in her talons. The ducks shrieked and cried, but the eagle flew away with the duckling.

Here is your food. You can feast on the duckling,” the mother eagle told her eaglet.

The duckling was panting and trembling. The eaglet saw tears had welled up in the duckling’s eyes.

Why are you crying?” the eaglet asked the duckling.

I lost my friends and family. You will soon eat me up,” he said.

The eaglet didn’t want to hurt the duckling. “We can be friends,” said the eaglet.

Can we?” asked the duckling.

Yes,” said the eaglet.

Illustration by: Neha Kumari

The eaglet pleaded to his mother to let the duckling stay in their nest as a friend. The eagle agreed.

The eaglet and duckling stayed together in the nest, playing and laughing. They had fun. But every evening, the duckling would miss his family and become sad.

Time passed and the two grew up. The eaglet was now old enough to fly.

But I cannot fly with you,” said the duckling.

I will take you in my claws,” said the eaglet.

One day, the eaglet decided to move out of his nest. So, the eaglet grabbed the duckling in his talons and both of them took a long flight. The mother eagle accompanied them.

When they flew over the grassland, the duckling spotted his family. He instantly asked the eaglet to touch down.

As the eaglet touched down, the ducks, scared by the eagle, ran for their lives.

Stop,” shouted the duckling. “I have come home. The eaglet and the eagle are my friends.”

The ducks came running back to the duckling and hugged him. They also hugged the eaglet.

Now, you are our friend too,” said the duckling’s mother.

The eaglet was happy that he had found so many friends, and so was his mother.


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