Rohan’s Journey

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Kamli and her 3-year-old son, Rohan, lived in a poor village in India. They often had to go hungry, because Kamli didn’t earn much from her daily labouring at a brick kiln.

She didn’t want Rohan to have such miserable life. She wanted him to have a good childhood and a bright future.

So, Kamli decided to leave the village and travel to the city for better work.

“Where are we going, Ma?” Rohan asked her when she saw Kamli bundling all their belongings into a large white sheet of cotton.

                                                                                                                                Illustration: Neha Kumari

“We will go to the city, where you can have toys to play with.”

Rohan was happy, as he walked hand in hand with his mother towards the bus stop.

After a long wait, the bus came.

Kamli helped Rohan climb inside. She took the empty seat near the door and put her large sack between her legs. Rohan sat on the sack.

They were both hungry.

There was a girl travelling on the bus along with her father. She was Rohan’s age.

She was eating biscuits from a pack held by her father. She was looking outside and enjoying the feel of the wind on her face.

Rohan was looking at her. His mouth watered. His tummy growled.

He wanted something to eat. He wanted some biscuits.

“Ma, I am very hungry. Can I get something to eat? Can I have one biscuit?”

Kamli caressed his head.

“Sure, my son. We will have all the tasty food once we reach the city.”

The girl’s father overheard them, and he understood that they were hungry.

He opened his bag, took out two packs of biscuits, and handed them to Rohan and Kamli.

Kamli looked at him thankfully. At first, she refused to take the biscuits, but when he insisted, she took them. Both the kids were watching their parents.

As soon as Kamli accepted the packets, Rohan tore one open and started tasting the biscuits.

The girl smiled at him.

“Who is that man, Ma?” he asked.

“He is a kind man. When you grow up, you shall be like him,” said Kamli.

Rohan turned towards the window and began enjoying the scenes outside.



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