Birds Of The Jungle

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Deep in a forest, there lived all kinds of of birds in the trees. Sparrows, pigeons, eagles, crows, owls, and many others.

The jungle was their perfect home. The trees were safe for nesting, food was abundant, and water was provided by the pond on the ground.

Then, things started to change. The weather turned very hot and dry.

One by one, the trees dried out; the pond began to shrink.

The birds started to abandon the jungle in search of a new home. And bats began to occupy hollow trunks of the desiccated trees.

The jungle was left without any birds. An old owl was the only one who stayed.


Illustration: Neha Kumari

A sparrow flew upto the owl.

Why are you not leaving?” asked the sparrow.

This jungle is my home, where I lived all my life. I cannot abandon my home when it needs my help,” replied the owl.

But what can you do? There are no trees left. No water. No food,” argued the sparrow.

The owl, however, could not be convinced to leave.

So, he stayed there, watching the bats take over the jungle.

If at all I can find a source of water, I can save this jungle,’ the owl said to himself.

Without thinking much, he began to dig a well. It was a difficult task for the owl, but he was not the one to give up.

Ater many days days, he had just dug a tiny hole in the ground.

A rodent noticed the owl’s work, and he informed all his friends about it.

We shall help the owl dig the well,” the rodent said to his friends.

But why shall we help him?” one of them asked.

Because this jugle belongs to all of us, and he is trying to save it,” the rodent replied.

Convinced, all his friends marched to the owl’s aid.

The owl was happy to receive their help.

Soon, as a result of collective efforts, there was a well in the ground, with a plenty of water in it.

The owl and the rodents supplied the water to all the trees, which started to come to life.

The jungle turned green again.

The bats departed.

The birds returned, and promised the owl to never give up so easily in a crisis.


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