Farmer And The Bees

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It was summer, and the sun was up.

Lola, a farmer, was woken up by the chirping of birds. He looked out of the window and had a good look at his garden.

He decided that he should take a day off.

After breakfast, he went out and sat on the patio of his house. The morning sky was clear and there was a mild breeze.

The farmer was marvelling at his beautiful garden. He was looking at the daisies and lilies and orchids, all in full bloom.

There were birds, flitting from one tree branch to another.

 Illustration by: Neha Kumari

Lola worked hard and always wanted to earn more money. So, he was thinking of ideas to increase his income.

Just then, he saw a bee sitting on a flower.

Then came another one and in no time there was a buzzing of bees.

Off he went the next day to buy bees and beehives. He placed the beehives in his garden.

Lola’s garden was now full of bees. But the bees needed water. They were thirsty after collecting nectar all day and kept looking for water.

One day, a little bee decided to fly a little further to look for water. She kept flying till she found water.

When she had quenched her thirst, she flew back to inform the other bees that she had found water.

Illustration by: Fatima Handoo

All the bees were so thirsty that they immediately flew to the source of water.

After some days, Lola noticed the bees in his garden were decreasing in number.

He understood something was wrong. So, he went to consult a professional beekeeper. “The bees in my garden are decreasing. Earlier, my garden used to be full of bees,” Lola told the beekeeper.

The beekeeper immediately knew what the problem was. He asked Lola, “Do you have a water source in your garden?”

Lola said, “I never knew the bees needed water to drink.”

Keep some water for the bees in your garden and see how the bees come back,” the beekeeper said.

Lola went home and kept some water in a flat dish for the bees. Within no time the bees were back.

Lola was happy seeing the bees back and so were the bees.

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