Wicked Spider & Bee

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A wicked spider lived in a flower bed in a lovely garden. Her black body and dotted legs gave her a dreaded appearance. The young spider was a perfect hunter.

After waking up one morning, she started weaving a web in front of an attractive cluster of pink flowers. She meticulously joined together each layer of the sticky thread until a perfect trap was in place. It was not easy for anyone to see the trap from a distance.


Illustration by: Neha Kumari

As the sun shone brightly over the garden, a white butterfly with black spots was attracted towards the flowers, but she was very careful. Before she could go and sit on the flowers, she looked carefully around and spotted the web.

It is better to stay hungry than go near the flowers,” she said to herself and flew away.

Soon, a bee came to the garden. She was tiny.

On seeing the flowers, she flew straight towards them, not caring to look around.

Just when she was near the flowers, she got trapped in the thin web woven over the flowers.

Her legs and wings got entangled in the web and she could not move. She wriggled her legs and fluttered her wings, but in vain.

It was too late for her. The bee had not been careful while choosing the flowers. It was a perfect hunter’s web and there was no getting away from it.

After many hours of struggle, the bee stopped trying to free herself and awaited her fate.

After some time, the butterfly returned to the garden and saw that a bee had got trapped in the spider web.

On seeing the tiny bee immobilised, she said, “You do not always get a second chance. You have to be cautious when you have time.”

The bee did not say anything but sobbed continuously.


Illustration by: Neha Kumari

When the sun went down, the wicked spider came back and saw the bee caught in her web.

She knew what she had to do. She devoured the helpless bee.


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