In The Park 

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The day was Friday. Airah and Aleeza went to the park with their father to spend the sunny afternoon playing. 

Looking at their identical curly hair, anyone could tell they were sisters. Aleeza, being older by a couple of years, was a tad taller than Airah.

But in having fun, Airah was above everyone else. She knew how to gain all the attention. 

In the park, she immediately started playing with her father. Running from him to make him chase. Crawling through his legs and trying to climb to his shoulders. Giggling all the way. 

                                                                                                                                                            Illustration by: Danish Mir

Aleeza was quiet. She couldn’t do what Airah could, but she wanted to. 

So, she began copying everything Airah did. 

But she was not enjoying it, having to forcefully be like her sister. 

She felt awkward. She laughed, too, but it wasn’t real laughter. 

Aleeza retired, and sat down, sad. 

The father saw it. 

He went up to Aleeza, and sat next to her. 

You know, my daughter. You are special,” he said. 

You do not have to be like someone else. You can play and have fun the way you like. You will still have all my attention.” 

Aleeza smiled. She knew her father was right. 

He helped Aleeza get up, and called Airah, too. 

Let us play a game we all could enjoy,” he said, and the girls got excited. 

He, first, showed them how to play hide and seek. Next, they played with a ball. And the girls just ran around afterward until they felt exhausted. 

Shall we leave now?” asked the father. 


                                                                                                                                                          Illustration by: Danish Mir

How about we have ice cream before we head home,” he said. 

The girls shouted in excitement, fetching a smile from their father. 

He held their hands, one on each side, as they walked out of the park. 


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