Mouse & Eagle

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A brown mouse was sitting quietly in a corner of a bus stop.

The mouse was sad.

There also lived an eagle on the roof of the bus stop, and she was always looking out for prey. The mice were her favourite.

The eagle spotted the mouse, but the rush of the people around didn’t let her hunt him down. So, the eagle thought of a plan.

She flew down and went closer to the mouse.

“Hello, friend,” said the eagle.

                                                                                                                                                Illustration by: Danish Mir

“You look sad. I wish to help you.”

The mouse stood still, not feeling the urge to run away.

“Thank you. I am definitely sad,” said the mouse.

“Treat me as your friend. I am not like other eagles, which eat mice.”

The mouse didn’t see anything odd in the eagle’s behaviour.

“What makes you sad?” asked the eagle.

“I have a family, but I want a more loving one. I have friends, but I want better ones. I have a house, but I want a bigger one. All these problems make me sad,” said the mouse.

The eagle listened intently and understood that the mouse was just ungrateful for everything he had.

‘It will be so easy to trick this fool,’ thought the eagle.

“Oh, my dear friend! I do understand your pain. And I know just the right place where you can find everything better,” the eagle said.

                                                                                                                             Illustration by: Danish Mir

The mouse was happy to hear that.

“Wait for me near the apple tree in the garden behind this bus stop tomorrow. I shall lead you to the place you desire.”

The mouse could not sleep all night with excitement.

In the morning, he rushed to find the apple tree in the garden.

As he waited, the eagle lunged from the top branch and clasped the mouse in its sharp claws.

The eagle took the mouse to its nest and made of him.


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