White Butterfly

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At the middle of a vast valley was a precious garden of flowers that produced the sweetest nectar. The garden and its flowers were unique, only one of a kind, while there were dozens of other gardens around. 

All gardens were accessible to all the butterflies, but the precious one was reserved for the big, brown butterflies alone. 

The garden was guarded by two giant bats, who would gobble any butterfly trying to get in. 

The means to enter the precious garden was known to everyone in the valley. That: a butterfly needs to fly to the top of the tallest mountain in the east and survive the strong winds there for six days.

It was a humongous task. Many butterflies tried, but only a few returned victorious. And they were awarded with the sweetest nectar from the precious garden. 

One particular white butterfly was very eager for a taste of the precious garden. 

But she was a coward and not the one a believer in trying or hard work. 

Everyday, the butterfly would spend hours and hours thinking of lazy schemes to gain entry into the precious garden. 

One day, the butterfly came across a wax factory that produced brown candles. And she thought of a plan. 

She entered a wax container and dipped its wings. The wax stuck to her wings, making them look enlarged. The butterfly then dipped into brown paint, to come out looking exactly like the big, brown butterflies. 

The butterfly flew straight to the precious garden. 

The guards didn’t notice her scheme, and allowed her entry. 

Happy to see her trick work, the butterfly sat on a red flower, which the sunlight made look brightest and the juiciest in the whole garden. 

As the butterfly was about to suck in the nectar, the heat of the sun melted down the wax, exposing the white underneath. 

While the busy was too overjoyed to notice her failure, the bats saw it and made a meal of the cunning butterfly. 

The deception cost her dearly. 


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