Adam And Zaar

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Back in the olden days, there was a plateau in China. The plateau was famous for its serene landscape and a calming effect.

It was said that anyone who would make it to the plateau could find peace.

The way to the plateau, however, passed through a dark, dense, mysterious forest, which no one could cross.

People who had tried to reach the plateau had vanished in the forest.

Illustration: Neha Kumari

One day, Adam, a man from Turkey, travelled to China. After entering the forest, there was no sign of him for days.

When people thought he had vanished like his predecessors, he came back.

I reached the plateau. It is exactly as described by people,” he told the first man he met.

Why did you return then and how did you find the way through the forest?” asked the man, shocked on seeing Adam back.

I returned so that I could guide the travellers to the plateau using this,” Adam replied, showing his blunt axe.

Without asking more questions, the man left to tell everyone about Adam’s adventure.

Adam made a hut at the entrance to the forest and lived there.

Thus, the legend of Adam spread far and wide.

People came looking for Adam. He would blunt the weapons carried by each traveller and guide them to the plateau. Whoever took his counsel was able to return safely.

Many years later, a tribe of warriors in Africa came to know about the plateau. The tribe sent its mightiest warrior, Zaar, to find the plateau for them to inhabit.

Adam had grown grey and frail.

Zaar was walking towards the forest, holding his sharp sword made of the strongest metal found in Africa.

Stop,” said Adam.

Let me guide you.”

Zaar looked down upon Adam.

A frail, old man will help me! I do not need your help. I will find my way.”

Zaar’s horse galloped into the forest, leaving behind a cloud of dust.

Adam sat quietly for three days. There was no sign of Zaar.

Adam took his blunt axe and went to look for Zaar.

Deep in the forest, Adam found his sword on the ground. The forest had turned Zaar into a tree, which recognised Adam.

I was a mighty warrior with a sharp sword. You are an ordinary man with a blunt axe. How could you find your way but I couldn’t?” Zaar asked Adam.

My blunt axe was a sign that I wanted peace. The forest only lets through those looking for peace. Had you listened to me, you would have succeeded. But you disrespected the man who had conquered the path you needed to take. Now, you are lost forever. No one will know of you,” said Adam.

Adam quietly returned to his hut to continue with his job.


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