Cows Are Home

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A farmer had a black cow and a white cow. He had some land, where the cows would graze.

Every morning, he would open the gate of the byre and let the cows out. The cows would never leave the grassland.

With time, the farmer bought more cows to bolster his income. He now had 10 cows. Some brown, some white with black spots and some fully white.

He sold the milk from the cows to people in his village and lived a good life.

Illustration by: Neha Kumari

He knew the cows would go nowhere so he would do other farm work when the cows were grazing.

The winter was approaching and the grassland was now having less green grass.

The cows felt hungry. “Let us try moving a little farther,” said one cow to the other.

Soon, they all thought of moving to another pasture for green grass. The idea was seeded.

One winter morning, the farmer let out the cows from the byre into the grassland and went to do other farm work.

After seeing the farmer was well out of sight, the cows one by one left the farmer’s grassland and started walking.

They kept walking, passing by other grasslands but there was no green grass in abundance. They kept walking, hoping they would find green grass. They were hungry.

They found some grass on the way but that wasn’t enough for all of them.

They had walked all day and were tired. As evening fell, they decided to rest under the shade of a big tree. They were so tired that they fell asleep instantly.

When the farmer came back in the evening, he couldn’t find the cows. He looked into the byre, but the cows were nowhere to be seen. He looked for them in the neighbour’s yard. He searched for them everywhere but the cows were nowhere. He asked everyone around but no one had seen the cows.

The farmer was worried. He thought the cows had been stolen. He couldn’t sleep even for a moment and kept thinking about the cows. “What will I do now,” he thought.

When the cows woke up in the morning, they were shocked. It wasn’t the byre, but a different place. They immediately set off for home. They knew the farmer would be worried and looking for them.

The cows reached the village when the sun was about to set. Seeing the cows back, a little boy rushed to inform the farmer. “The cows are back,” he told the farmer.

The farmer could not believe what he had just heard. He rushed through the door and saw the cows walking towards the house. He thanked God and the cows too.


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