Farm Quarrel

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It was Sunday.

David, a farm owner, had worked very hard throughout the week, earning himself a day off.

The sun was right overhead. Wind was blowing barely enough for the windmill to rotate.

David’s helper was feeding the animals, who had suddenly turned unruly.

The donkeys were braying loudly, the ducks quacking non-stop, and the cows not quiet either.

David shouted to his assistant: “Can you please feed them? I need some silence to rest.”

He tried to hide under his quilt, but the noise couldn’t be escaped.

Illustration by: Neha Kumari

Kicked out by a horse, the assistant was tending to his bruised leg outside the barn.

Why cannot you handle this farm alone?” asked David.

The animals seem to be angry. They are fighting.”

When David went inside the shelter, he saw feathers flying in air. The whole place was a mess.

The animals who had worked so hard on building the farm were now busy ruining it.

Each one of them was claiming credit for being the best on the farm.

Without us, everyone would be starving here,” exclaimed the horses.

Not able to digest it, the donkeys remarked: “Without us, this farm cannot have existed.”

David lost heart, and went back to his home.

As the sun rose the next day, no animal came out to work.

David tried hard to find ways to make them lose their anger, but no one was ready to listen to him.

Days passed, and, slowly, the farm began to lose its charm.

Illustration by: Neha Kumari

The trees and flowers started to wither. The food was getting scarce, making the animals weak.

A cow fell ill, but all the animals ignored its condition.

David came out running, but couldn’t help the cow alone.

The cow’s condition melted the animals hearts, so, one by one, they all came forward to help.

After the cow was taken to hospital, the animals realised they couldn’t exist without each other.

They forgot their differences, and promised to stand by each other always.

David was happy to have them back.

Soon, the farm regained its glory.


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