Mona’s Daffodils

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A family of three lived in a small house which had a beautiful front garden. The couple had a daughter named Mona. The little girl loved her parents.

The garden was full of flowers and other plants. In a small portion of the garden, the family grew vegetables. The girl’s father took utmost care of his plants.

One fine morning, Mona, like always, went out to help her father in the garden.

The sun had just come up and the air was refreshing. She saw her father sowing some seeds.

What are these?” she asked. “These are daffodil seeds,” said her father.

He gave Mona a seed and asked her to sow it.

Illustration by: Neha Kumari

After Mona had sown the seed, her father taught her how to water it.

Every day, you will have to take care of the seed. It will grow into a plant one day and you will get to see the magic of nature,” her father told her.

Mona followed her father’s advice.

Every day, she watered the seed.

After some days, when Mona went to the garden to water the seed, she was surprised to see it had sprouted.

This is the result of your care,” said her father, who was fondly looking at her.

Mona felt the seedling was smiling at her. She believed it was her friend.

Now, she was more committed to taking care of the tender seedling. So, she watered the seedling regularly.

Each day, she would notice the seedling had grown a little bit in size and strength.

After many days of watering, a plant finally stood in front of her. It was the reward of her hard work.

The little girl was happy.

Do not stop. Continue to care for the plant. It shall soon give you daffodils,” her father said.

Mona was happy. “I will,” she replied.

Exactly as her father had told her, flower buds appeared on the plant and they soon blossomed into flowers. It was her father who noticed the flowers first. He went inside to inform Mona that her plant had flowered.

Both of them then came out into the garden. They both were awestruck by the beauty of the flowers. They stood there for some time, looking at the flowers and smiling.

Your love and care has forced nature to turn a tiny seed into beautiful daffodils. If you stop caring for them, they will die,” said her father.

Mona understood what her father had told her. She promised that she would continue to take care of her plant.


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