Cow, A Calf, And A Man

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A cow and her calf were once walking through a street. The sun was shining bright. It was so hot that no humans were visible anywhere.

The calf suddenly felt thirsty. The cow looked around for some water, but in vain.

After walking some distance, she found a tube well in an empty park. But it was not possible for the calf to drink from the tube well. The cow was saddened. She desperately wanted a drink of water for her calf.

Just then, the cow saw a poor man walk by with an empty bowl.

Illustration by: Neha Kumari

Seeing the cow and the calf near the tube well, the man stopped. He at once understood what the problem was. He put his bowl aside and pumped water from the tube well to help the calf quench his thirst.

The cow thanked the man and left along with her calf.

Weeks later, the cow and her calf were passing through another street.

They saw a man sitting on a parapet with a bowl in his hand. The man looked hungry and tired.

To see who the man was, the cow went closer. She was surprised to see the man who had helped her.

What is the problem?” the cow asked the man.

My son is hungry. We haven’t had anything to eat for the last two days. I tried my best but could not find any food,” the man said.

The cow offered the man her milk.

Take as much as you want and feed your child. You helped me. Now, it is my time to help you back,” said the cow.

This time, it was the man’s turn to thank the cow.


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