Frog And Snake

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A fat frog lived on a slippery rock near a muddy pond in a forest.

The rock was the perfect home for the frog as its slippery surface stopped predators from reaching him.

But the frog was always ungrateful. He would always complain about things not being perfect or bigger or better.

This pond is too small and muddy. This rock is so colourless,” the frog would often complain loudly while sitting on the rock.

The frog dreamt of living in a better place.

Illustration by: Neha Kumari

I wish this pond could grow bigger. I wish this rock could become better,” the frog yearned.

Nothing could make the frog happy. He never tried to find the place that he dreamt of. He only knew how to whine.

The frog was not the only creature living near the pond. The area around the pond was home to other creatures and frogs as well.

One day, a wicked snake came to live near the rock.

The snake spotted the unhappy frog and decided that he could be the perfect meal for her.

What a satisfying meal it will be,” the snake thought.

The snake tried to slither up the rock, but failed. The snake soon realised she needed a better plan.

So, she went near the rock when the frog had come out as usual to cry over his misfortune. Hearing the frog, the snake also began to cry.

The frog noticed the snake crying. “You’re so unlucky,” the snake told the frog.

The place I have come from has bigger ponds for frogs to swim in. They have huge rocks to sit on. But it seems you’re stuck here.”

The frog was happy to hear all this. He was happy that someone was giving him attention.

Where is this place?” asked the frog.

The snake promised the frog that she would show him the place.

I will take you there tomorrow morning. You shall come down from that rock and wait outside the hole that is my home. But you will have to keep your eyes closed because I want to surprise you,” said the snake.

The frog agreed.

As the sun came up the next morning, the frog happily climbed down the rock and went to meet the snake near its hole.

The snake was all ready to execute her evil plan. She first sniffed the frog. Then, she lunged at the frog and ate him up.

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