A Policeman’s Revenge

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A boy named Jay was physically weak. Almost everyone in his school teased and taunted him for how he looked. Even outside the school he was mocked for his appearance. This made him upset and he was unhappy the whole time.

Illustration by: Neha Kumari

When he could not fight back those who made fun of him, they called him a coward. Not able to face the people, Jay would always run home to his mother and cry.
“I want to grow strong and teach everyone a lesson,” he told her.
She was the only one who comforted him.
When he finished his education, he joined the city’s police force. Now, he was a strong man. He knew working in the police department would give him more powers.
His first duty was to guard a square on the highway. The city residents took the same route to go to work.
However, instead of helping anyone, Jay used his powers and privileges to harass people. He took revenge on people who had mocked him in his childhood.
Everyday, he stopped people randomly and harassed them over petty or even false reasons.
“Your shirt is not tidy enough. You cannot cross this square,” he once told an aged man heading to work.
The people were not only fed up with the daily inconvenience he caused them at the square, but they were also scared of filing a complaint against him.
One day, Jay stopped a car. The car belonged to a doctor. The doctor had not violated any traffic rules.
“I need to rush to the hospital to attend to an emergency. Please let me go,” the doctor pleaded.
Jay laughed. He remembered how he used to plead to the notorious boys in his school.
“No, you cannot go. I do not like the colour of your pants,” Jay told him.
Seeing no way out, the doctor bribed Jay and made his way to the hospital.
Jay was happy that he had troubled the doctor. He went home after finishing his duty.
As he reached home, he saw a crowd had gathered outside. People were sobbing.
He ran inside and found that his mother had met with an accident. The doctor whom he had troubled was rushing to the hospital to save his mother, but was not able to reach on time.
Jay cried over his folly. His revenge had cost him his mother’s life.

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