Little Girl’s Toy

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A little girl, Mysa, was once going to the market with her father. On the way, she saw a poor vendor selling toys on the pavement. She wanted a toy so badly.
To make her father stop the car, she loudly said, “Dad, please stop.”
The car came to a sudden halt.
“What happened, my dear?” asked her father.
With a smile, she replied, “I want that red and blue spiderman. It looks like a real spiderman. I was searching for the one for the last few months.”
Mysa’s parents gifted her toys only on special occasions and festivals.
“Princess, I don’t think it’s any special occasion today. Your mother will be upset.”
Mysa wanted the toy so badly that her father could not refuse her.
Seeing her daughter so happy, her mother also ignored that the rule had been broken.
That night Mysa made the spiderman sleep in her little brother’s rocker.
Next morning when she entered the kitchen and opened the refrigerator, she couldn’t find her donut.
She wept. “Mommy, the spiderman has eaten my donut. He isn’t my hero. How can he eat my donut?”
When she was inconsable, her mother told her, “He might have been hungry.”
Another day, her pack of Doritos was missing. She again blamed the spiderman for stealing her food.
On her mother’s insistance, she forgave the spiderman, but she wasn’t happy about the food going missing.
Slowly her candy bars went missing too. She was upset and one night, she threw away her spiderman.
When she woke up the next morning, she again noticed her junk food was missing.
Seeing her sad, her mother sat beside her and spoke to her. “It is just that the spiderman wants you to grow up strong so he wants you to give up unhealthy food. He isn’t stealing your food, he is just helping you to be like him.”

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