A Little Lamb

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One sunny morning, a flock of sheep was crossing a busy street. The sheep were heading to a meadow.


Illustration by: Neha Kumari

A little lamb, part of the flock, had fallen behind and was the last one to cross the street.
Seeing that the lamb wasn’t walking along with the flock, his mother approached him and gave him an angry look.
“Walk in the middle of the flock so that you can be safe,” she said.
The little lamb dropped his head.
“But mommy, I like walking this way. While walking, I look at things around me and enjoy myself,” he said to his mother.
His mother was angrier and said: “You must listen to me. I am afraid you will otherwise land in trouble.”
The little lamb apologized and started walking in the middle of the flock.
Soon he forgot what his mother had told him. The next day, he again started walking carelessly and fell behind.

Illustration by: Neha Kumari

A pack of feral dogs roamed the street and watched the flock quietly. They noticed the little lamb, which walked alone.

The dogs decided to prey on him.

“Tomorrow, we will surround him and hunt him down,” said the leader of the pack.

As the flock began crossing the street the next day, the pack got ready to attack the lamb. They waited for the sheep to cross and the little lamb to fall behind.

When the sheep had crossed the street, the dogs tried to attack the lamb. But the lamb’s mother and other sheep were quick to come to his rescue.

They chased away the dogs and saved the lamb, which was scared and crying.

“I had told you to be careful, but you do not listen to me,” said the lamb’s mother.

“But mother, how did you know this would happen?” asked the lamb.

“I have seen the world. I know what can happen. A mother always knows,” she said.

The little lamb was silent. He understood his mother was right.

From that day, the little lamb always walked close to his mother and never ignored her advice.

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