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A white rabbit, which lived on a hilltop, was preparing for the long winter. He was collecting food for the cold days ahead. Every day, the rabbit collected vegetables and fruits and stored them deep in his burrow.

The weather was getting colder with each passing day, indicating that the winter was near.

One winter day, it started to snow. Everything turned white. Snow forced all animals inside.

Illustration by: Neha Kumari

With the snow falling continuously, the rabbit also had to stay in his burrow. Soon, the snow blocked the entrance to his burrow, but he was cozy inside and he had enough food to last him the whole winter.

Days passed into weeks and weeks into months. Finally, the harsh winter was coming to an end.

The rabbit’s food reserves had lasted him throughout the winter. He was proud of his survival expertise.

He looked forward to leaving his burrow after a long time. He knew the snow blocking the entrance to his burrow would soon melt, allowing him to go out.

But to his surprise, the mouth of the burrow remained blocked. No light poured in to indicate the end of the winter.

The rabbit had never been through such a situation. When things didn’t change even after a few days, the rabbit started to worry.

There was no food left in the burrow. The poor rabbit was starving.

Many days passed, but the burrow remained blocked and no light came in. With nothing to eat, the rabbit was reduced to a bag of bones.

But he did not lose hope.

Illustration by: Zainab Shah

I have been in the burrow all winter, but I don’t want to die here. It is better for me to be bold and make a move. I must try to open the entrance and go out to find something to eat,” he said to himself.

Despite lacking strength, the rabbit was ready for the hard task. He crawled up to the entrance and found what he had never expected.

It wasn’t the snow which had blocked the mouth of the burrow, but a fallen tree. The rabbit pushed away the tree branches and cleared the entrance to his burrow.

Outside, the sun shone bright and it was warm. The winter was long gone. He knew there was food for him now.

I might have died in the burrow had I not made a bold move,” he told himself.

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