Musa, Get Out

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Musa, a young boy in school, lived in town full of bright lights and tall buildings. The mornings there were comfortable, days busy, and evenings festive. For Musa, too, life was fun, but all indoors: he stayed home most of the time and spent his time on electronic gadgets and play toys.

He had a plenty of them. Everyone among his school friends envied his possession.

Illustration by: Neha Kumari

Then, something terrible happened—a storm. A violent storm damaged the town. The residents had no choice but to leave the place.

Musa’s family left, too, but without their and Musa’s personal possession.

His father took them to live in country, where everything was completely different from what it had been in the town. Their new house was nestled in the woods. The air there was fresh and the surroundings serene. There was a lot of room to play.

Musa, however, didn’t find anything in the country exciting. He didn’t know what to do with the natural beauty lying all around him, whereas the boys from the neighbourhood were always out enjoying themselves.

Musa soon turned sad, not having any means of entertainment. He still stayed indoors, for he didn’t know what to do outside, and missed his gadgets.

One day, when he was returning from school, a boy his age came running to him. He was Abraham, Musa’s neighbour.

We are going hiking this evening. Would you like to join us?” asked friendly Abraham.

Walking behind them, Musa’s father overheard the boys, and insisted that his son should go.

Illustration by: Zainab Shah 

Musa wasn’t very enthusiastic, because he didn’t think hiking was any fun.

If I had my gadgets, I could stay home and play a lot,” he lamented in his heart.

When they finally went hiking, Musa found himself falling behind the group of energetic boys. Abraham kept pace with Musa, who started seeing him as his friend.

Abraham helped Musa gel with the other boys. Musa soon found himself shouting and cheering with them. He was sweating and panting. And it was all very unique for him: earlier he had no idea why the country boys looked happy when they were outside; now, he understood why.

The next day, he was offered to take part in a football match. A race was next.

Musa was getting addicted. He looked forward to the after-school hours to have fun with the boys, most of whom where now his friends. There was no need for him to hide indoors anymore. He looked for excuses to have fun outside.

While he was playing with the boys one evening, his father came to get him.

Let’s go home. I have a gift for you,” said the father.

Musa accompanied him eagerly, and opened the box at home.

It was a video game, the one Musa owned before the storm. But he didn’t look very happy. He returned it to his father.

Father,” he said, “I don’t need it anymore. Playing for real everything that is inside this game is more fun. And having friends is a lot funnier. Thank you.”

He rushed back to join the rest of the boys.

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