A Brave Robin

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A flock of robins lived on pine trees. They would begin their day with singing.

With first light, the birds would sit on the branches in ones and twos and sing. The chorus was mesmerising, calling each creature around to rise.

Illustration by: Zainab Shah

One day there was an unexpected development. The singing of the robins woke up a bat, which lived in the hollow of a tree.

The black creature of the night was angry.

Your singing disturbs my sleep. I have been tolerating you for a long time, but not anymore,” he shouted.

The singing ceased abruptly and the robins went quiet. Not a word was said in response.

The next morning, there was no singing. The bat was happy that the singing had stopped for him to sleep peacefully.

The bat’s happiness, however, did not last long as he heard a voice. Not the one to be cowed down, a young robin continued singing.

On hearing the voice, the bat rushed outside to see who was singing.

Did you not hear me yesterday? Are you not afraid?” he asked.

Yes,” said the robin.

But I chose to be brave. Those who are brave face their fear. Everyone is afraid of something.”

The bat was surprised on seeing the courage of the young robin.

But the bat still did not give in. “Don’t mess with me. I will harm you if you do not stop disturbing me,” the bat threatened.

The young robin smiled.

Singing is what makes me a robin. If I am forced to be someone else, I will not be happy. So, I choose to be brave. You can choose to be wicked,” said the robin.

All robins were keenly listening to and watching the conversation between the two.

The bat was left speechless. He had realized that his threats won’t work anymore.

One by one, the other robins also resumed singing. Soon, there was a chorus which scared the bat.

He had to finally give in.

The bat stepped back and left the robins alone.

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