Three Little Pups, Two Little Kittens

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It was winter. The snow had stopped, but everything was covered in a thick, white blanket. All the people, birds and animals were staying inside their cozy homes.

Three little pups were stuck in a yard. The yard had a tall fence on all sides and an iron gate which was locked. They had no food and there was no way for them to escape and move to a safe, dry place.

Out in the snow, the pups waited for someone to rescue them. They whimpered, but in vain. Disappointed and hungry, they decided to dig their way out.

I see this as the only way for us to get out of this place,” said the strongest among them.

We must dig our way out under that gate.”

Pic: The TOAD

But one of the three pups was weak and could not dig with his claws. He was always the last one to claim his share in anything.

The pups started to dig. After a lot of hard work, they managed to make a tunnel under the gate. It was only big enough for one of them to pass through at a time.

I shall go first,” said the strongest pup, who had thought of the escape route.

It was my idea, so I deserve to go first.”

As he started crawling through the tunnel, the other pup pushed him, removing obstructions that blocked his way.

Finally, the first pup was out.

Now, I will go,” said the other pup to the weakest one.

As he crawled through the tunnel, the strongest pup pulled him out.

The weakest one was now the only one left in the yard. He tried to crawl through the tunnel, but the two pups outside did not lend him a helping hand.

Please help me,” he urged them.

But they ignored him and watched him struggle.

We dug that hole. You did nothing. We will not help you anymore,” said one of the pups.

They left, leaving the weakest pup in the yard.

The weakest pup was heartbroken. He cried as he was cold and hungry.

Hours passed.

Just when he had surrendered to his fate, he saw two kittens walking over the fence.

One of the kittens was big and strong, the other one was lean.

Pic: The TOAD

Suddenly, the lean kitten slipped and fell into the yard. He tried its best to climb the fence again, but failed.

Seeing the lean kitten struggle, the stronger one jumped into the yard to help him, patting and licking him until the lean kitten felt strong.

The strong kitten started teaching the lean kitten how to climb. After many attempts, the lean kitten learned to climb and so did the pup, who was watching them.

The lean kitten finally succeeded in climbing the fence. The strong kitten followed him.

The weak pup also came running and tried to climb. As he struggled, both kittens extended a hand to pull him out.

The pup was finally free. He thanked the kittens for teaching him how to climb and helping him.

Outside, he met the two pups.

How did you escape?” they asked him.

Love and affection got me out,” the pup said to them.

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