Maya And The Fairy

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It happened a long time ago. A pretty girl was sitting alone near a well in her village, while the children her age were playing and having fun.

The girl’s name was Maya. She was sad as she could neither talk nor hear. She wanted to be like other children, talk to them and play with them.

While she was lost in her thought, a fairy passed by. She noticed the little girl was sad. The fairy disguised as an old woman and approached her.

Why are you sad, my child?” she asked.

Illustration by: Neha Kumari

Maya looked up, but said nothing as she had not heard the woman’s words. But her eyes were moist.

The fairy understood Maya was mute and deaf. She gently touched her on the forehead, giving the girl the power to speak and listen.

Maya could not believe her luck. Overjoyed, she hugged the old woman and cried tears of joy.

The fairy was also happy as she had helped bring joy to the little girl. She soon disappeared.

Maya was now a normal child. She played and laughed with other children. She was no more sad or lonely.

One day, an old man came to the well. He was thirsty.

There was a bucket of water near the well, but the old man was too weak to bend and drink from it.

He saw Maya playing nearby and called out to her for help.

Child, can you please help me drink from this bucket?” he requested.

Maya heard him, but ignored his request. She was busy playing with other children. The old man pleaded several times, but Maya did not pay attention to him.

The old man gingerly walked towards Maya and looked her in the eye.

There was a time when you could not hear. Now when you can, you ignore an old man’s request,” the old man said to Maya.

He touched her gently on the forehead and took away her ability to hear and talk.

Maya realized she had made a mistake. She understood that the fairy had returned to test her. She fell on her knees and begged her for forgiveness. She promised to be kind and helpful.

The fairy considered her sincere apology.

I will return your speech and hearing, but if you choose to be unkind once more, you will be deaf and mute forever,” warned the fairy.

Maya promised to be kind and was given back her ability to speak and hear.

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