Three-Legged Wolf

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There lived a three-legged wolf in a jungle.

He was a member of a pack in which all other wolves were healthy and strong.

The pack knew how to hunt, as all its members performed their duty well, except the three-legged one, who had become a burden.

The three-legged wolf could not go hunting. The rest of the pack needed to provide for him. And for this, he was always ridiculed by the pack.

He was often told that the only thing he could do was howl when hungry while the rest of the pack works hard. His howl was unique indeed, easily distinguishable from other wolves.

It was, however, a law of the pack that no member can be left hungry. So, the three-legged wolf was always granted his share of the food.

The three-legged wolf was sad. He was beginning to believe he was useless. He wanted to leave, and one day, he did.

Everyone was asleep before dawn.

The three-legged wolf looked around and left.

He was sad. His eyes were wet with tears.

As he started to walk away, he sniffed something. A scent that was not familiar.

He kept walking, but the scent only grew stronger.

He saw a shadow. As he went closer, he saw a pack of wolves from other Plateau, which had come to take over his pack’s territory.

Handicapped that the wolf was, he could not think of defending his pack. Even if he might have, he was surrounded by the attacking wolves and overpowered.

The three-legged wolf did the only thing he could do best—howl.

It woke up his pack, which thought it was his cry for food.

But they could not comprehend how he could do so at that hour.

Finding him missing, they went to see where he was.

Thus they came to see what had happened.

The pack got together and fought the attacking wolves, who were forced to retreat.

The three-legged wolf lay there bruised and scared.

After their victory, the pack helped him back to their den.

The leader of the pack came to him.

“All this time we ridiculed you. But today you proved that you are as worthy as any other member of the pack. We owe our victory to you,” he said.

The three-legged wolf felt happy and decided to stay with the pack.

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