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The train began to move. Sasha, as always, was excited to take the short journey to her school with her father. 

Her father’s office was in the same district as Sasha’s school. So, taking the local train to work in the morning and returning home on the same train in the evening was their routine. 

This Saturday, however, was different. 

Sasha’s father had a presentation to make at the office. He had been preparing for it all night, studying his notes, and organising the data. 

Seated comfortably on the train, he was still reading from a sheet in his hand. 

                                                                                                                                                 Illustration by: Danish Mir

Sasha was seated next to him, and looking outside the window, smiling. 

She noticed the paper in her father’s hand and started to study it. She was excited to be able to read and understand, since she was in her second class. And she looked to her father for some sort of appreciation. 

But her father had fallen asleep. 

Sasha continued to read, until they reached their destination and the squeak of the wheels on the rail woke her father up. 

Oh, did we reach already?” asked her father, already getting up to climb down. 

Yes, father. You fell asleep,” replied Sasha. 

That is so bad. I needed to finish reading this page before I reached the office. I missed it.”

They were walking out of the station. The sun was shining warmly. A cold breeze made the morning even more pleasant. 

I can help you,” said Sasha. 

I read that page and understood it. I can explain it to you.”

Her father didn’t think Sasha could do it, yet he agreed.

                                                                                                                                                        Illustration by: Danish Mir

And Sasha began explaining. She explained everything neatly, and her father could not help but pay keen attention. 

He was getting the things clearly, as they continued to walk hand in hand. 

Sasha stopped suddenly. 

Oh, I didn’t realise we reached your school. You were so good. Thank you so much,” he told her. 

Sasha gave him a tight hug and ran to go inside. 

The day passed. 

Sasha’s father waited outside Sasha to come out of the school. 

She greeted him with a hug.

How did it go?” she asked. 

My presentation? Fantastic. Your help made me do it,” he said. 

Sasha wanted to hear just that. 

They boarded the train home, and sat next to each other as always. 

Sasha fell asleep quickly. 

Her father put her head in his lap, as they headed home. 


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