Maya’s Pets

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Tale By: Arifa Gani

Maya was an energetic girl. She lived in East London with her parents, Mr and Mrs Smith.

She loved her city, her home and most of all her parents. Her parents loved her back equally.

There was one more thing she was very fond of —pets. So, her parents gifted her a little, grey rabbit on her 11th birthday.

When on her birthday, Maya’s father handed her the willow basket carrying the bunny, she gave him a long hug.

Illustration by: Danish Mir

“This is the best present ever,” Maya said to Mr Smith.

“I will take good care of the bunny. Thank you.”

Maya named the bunny, Jo, short for joy.

“This is going to be your first pet. More will come,” said Mrs Smith.

This made Maya happier. Her parents had made her 11th birthday memorable for her.

Mr and Mrs Smith kept their word. They got Maya a pet on every birthday.

A puppy followed the bunny and a kitten came next.

By the time she was 16 years old, Maya had a little zoo at home.

As she eagerly waited for her parents to return with a new pet on her 16th birthday, they came home sad and empty handed.

“Where is my present?” asked Maya.

Mr Smith looked at Mrs Smith, trying not to say anything.

But as Maya insisted, he told her the reason.

“My company has transferred me to a new city, where we will have a bigger house, but we will have to leave the pets behind,” Mr Smith said.

His words drained the blood from Maya’s face.

Illustration by: Danish Mir

“Why?” said Maya, anger and frustration writ large on her face.

“There is no way we can get the pets shipped there,” Mr Smith said.

But Maya was not convinced.

She cried bitterly and ran to her room, where her pets surrounded her.

Hours passed, but she refused to come out or eat.

When Mrs Smith went to see her, she found her crouched at the centre of her room among her pets.

“Maya, we will have your pets taken to a zoo where they shall be safe. You can come and visit them,” said her mother.

“You know, you can make any creature your own if you give them love and affection. You will surely have more pets.”

Soon, Maya flew to the new city along with her parents. She missed her pets in her new home.

As the winter arrived, it began to snow.

Outside the window of her room, Maya saw a cat trying to find shelter.

Maya opened the window to let the cat in. The cat didn’t wait to jump in.

She offered the cat her sandwich, which it finished in no time. Maya smiled and began to pet it gently.

Just then, Mr and Mrs Smith opened the door to her room. They were happy to see Maya had found a new pet.



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