Snow & The Sun

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One winter evening, the sky was overcast with clouds. It looked like it would snow.

The sun had turned pale, its light failing to provide warmth.

The snow formed in the clouds had turned arrogant because of the power it had over life on the earth.

Its arrogance made it ridicule the sun. “Look at yourself,” the snow told the sun.

Illustration by: Neha Kumari

You are so pale and powerless. I will soon make you invisible to the people on the earth. Then, I will cover the earth with my white blanket.”

Soon, dense clouds covered the sky and it began to snow.

As it snowed, children and adults came out to enjoy and have a good time.

But the fun was short-lived as it snowed for days together. Everything got buried under the snow.

People stayed indoors and no one came out. The earth looked deserted.

The snow cloud laughed because it thought it had become more powerful than the sun. “I am so powerful,” it told the sun.

Days changed into weeks, but life remained unchanged. The winter progressed and then it was time for it to come to an end.

As the spring was around the corner, the sun was regaining its strength. The heat from the sun began to gradually increase, melting the snow.

Sunny days encouraged people to come out of their homes and enjoy the sunshine.

The silence of the winter was gone and the earth was lively again.

The sky held the remnants of the snow cloud.

The sun turned to it and said: “Now look who is more powerful. You forced people to hide, but I encouraged them to come out. Power lies in spreading joy and helping others.”

Ashamed at its arrogance, the snow cloud had nothing to say.

Due to the force of the spring wind, the cloud scattered and disappeared. The sky was blue again. The sun shined with a smile.

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