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It was November and the winter was around the corner. In the town of Elefh, the mornings were getting colder. Everything was changing colour, preparing for the long winter ahead.

The thick, dark clouds in the sky indicated the first snow would arrive in the coming days.

Illustration: Neha Kumari

Insects and birds and animals and humans were busy stocking up food as the snow would make it difficult for them to go outside.

In a garden by a shallow stream, two flower bunches had survived even when the winter had already set in. One of them was white and fresh, but the other was purple and shriveled.

One day, a yellow bee and a brown bee flew to the garden in search of nectar. As they reached close to the flowers, they could not make out which ones carried more nectar.

The yellow bee quickly went to the purple flowers and started collecting the nectar. The brown bee, however, stood there not able to decide which ones to approach.

On seeing the brown bee, the yellow bee paused for a while. “Why are you not collecting the nectar?” she asked.

I am not able to decide which flowers have more nectar,” said the brown bee.

It is wise to try both and find out for yourself,” said the yellow bee.

The brown bee laughed off her suggestion.

I am wiser than most bees. I will only choose the best of the flowers,” she said.

The yellow bee collected the nectar from the purple flowers and left.

Illustration: Fatima Handoo

The brown bee also left, but without collecting any nectar.

I will come back tomorrow and collect the best of the nectar available here,” she said to the yellow bee.

The next morning both bees again came to the garden. As soon as they approached the flowers, it started to snow heavily. The yellow bee rushed home, saving herself from the weather.

The brown bee was left with no option but to leave the garden. She had missed the opportunity to collect nectar before the snow.

When it stopped snowing, the brown bee returned to the garden in search of nectar, but the flowers were dead, destroyed by the snow.

She could not cash in on the opportunity. All she could do was sigh.

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