Animals Fight To Reclaim Forest

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A group of animals lived in harmony in a forest. The group consisted of a strong elephant, a fast deer, a donkey, who could carry a huge load, and a rhinoceros with a huge horn.

One day, when all of them were drinking from a stream, a crow stopped to talk to them.

Illustration by: Neha Kumari

I heard a giant chimpanzee has come to overtake the forest,” said the crow to the animals.

The animals didn’t feel scared as they trusted their strength.

I will trample him under my feet,” said the elephant.

I will tear him apart with my horn,” said the rhino.

I will surprise him with my speed,” said the deer.

Illustration by: Akansha Sharma

When he will die, I will carry his body out of the forest,” said the donkey.

Then the day came when the chimpanzee stood in front of them, but none of them was scared.

The elephant attacked him first, but the chimpanzee was too strong, knocking him out with a single blow.

When the rhino’s turn came, the chimpanzee held him by his horn and threw him upon the donkey. Both of them were badly wounded.

Seeing the fate of the group members, the deer ran for his life.

The animals were defeated. The forest now belonged to the chimpanzee.

Having tasted defeat for the first time, the animals gathered in a corner of the forest, not able to understand how the chimpanzee could be so powerful. They blamed each other and quarrelled.

If individually we couldn’t defeat him, together we can,” the donkey said, catching the attention of others.

The others listened carefully to the donkey. They then planned a counter-attack and decided to go back into the forest.

The deer dared the chimpanzee to chase him and drew him straight to the spot where the other animals were waiting for him. The elephant attacked the chimpanzee from the front and the rhino from behind. The donkey had carried a load of stones which he threw on the chimpanzee.

The chimpanzee was overpowered and finally defeated. The animals ordered him to leave the forest and never return. He agreed as he understood he wasn’t powerful anymore.

The forest and the animals were free again. They were saved as they had remained united in their fight.

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